A Unique + Dynamic Mixed Use Environment

As the first major new development opportunity in Santa Cruz in the last twenty years, this project offers a number of unique opportunities in commercial, industrial, and "work/live" flex uses.

This fully entitled development is zoned industrial with a commercial overlay, and includes a retail and residential component to round out the development.

The project fits the mold of the Santa Cruz lifestyle as a green project, recognized by its LEED neighborhood certification.

LEED Certification - Living Green

Delaware Addition has been certified as a LEED Neighborhood Pilot Project by the U.S. Green Building Council. We are among the first 25 projects in the United States to earn that award. Delaware Addition has helped set the new international standard for sustainable communities by conserving water and energy, mixing commercial and resident uses in higher-density configurations, locating next to existing communities and infrastructure, incorporating bike and pedestrian ways, providing amenities that make traditional car trips shorter or even unnecessary.

With LEED Neighborhood certification for the project as a whole, businesses that purchase lots and develop green buildings will have a head start toward their own LEED building certification.

Site Plan

Super Improved Lots

Master Development Plan fully entitled.

"Super Improved Lot(s)" are defined as parcels of land for sale where the Seller designs and constructs the "Common Area" improvements around the defined building envelope for that parcel's building.

A Delaware Addition Super Improved Lot includes the following completed scope of work:

  • Rough Grading and Compaction of Building Pad
  • Rough Grading, Paving and Striping of Streets
  • Curbs, Gutters and Sidewalks within Common Area
  • Site Lighting within Common Area
  • Landscape Planting and Irrigation within Common Area
  • Trash receptacles within Common Area
  • Utilities Stubbed near each Building pad (distance varies per lot)
  • Drainage Improvements

Each building pad is made up of two or more lots. Individual lots can be purchased or entire buildings pads can be purchased with rights to build per the entitled and approved uses.

  1. Identify your desired use(s) and square footage needs
  2. Identify desired site location(s)
  3. Contact us to learn more about Delaware Addition's options!

Project Location

News & Construction

Construction has begun on Lot 6

Venus Spirits Building

Venus Spirits Cocktails & Kitchen to Open This Weekend
8/12/20 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Coming Soon to Building Pad 3
5/20/19 - Edible Monterey Bay

Completed NIAC Building

Nonprofit to move to Santa Cruz Delaware Project, making way for housing downtown
10/14/17 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

FileOpen is first small business in Santa Cruz’s live-work Delaware Addition
1/26/15 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Rooftop garden brings green atmosphere, energy to Delaware Addition
8/21/14 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

$3 million HQ for Rainbow Light taking shape: Tilt-up concrete walls used at first building in Delaware Addition
7/9/13 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Hits and Misses, Sept. 18, 2012: Delaware Avenue development a good sign
9/18/12 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Building 1 & 2 Photos

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